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Tekniska has contacted CHALLENGE with a clear aim to build a new website. Yet after short time, we came to the conclusion that building business and marketing strategy is necessary, and it should be the first step towards a full rebranding of the company. I. Lifting logo Evolution, not revolution. The changed typography made the logo more clear, serious and solid. The characteristic sign with letter T has been transferred to the new logo, but the oval square has been discarded. We improved the proportions of the sign and made the overall colors more contrasting and modern.

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II. Key visual: The main element of Key Visual is a futuristic illustration inscribed in the shape of the so-called key. the key. It serves as the basic element of building the visual identity of the TEKNISKA ® brand. III. Website redesign: The redesign of the existing TEKNISKA ® website involved a complete abandonment of the stylistics based on overwhelming animations and contrasting elements. Credits: Dawid Skinder - Art Director Maciek Mucha - Brand / UX / UI design Krzysztof Nowak - Brand design Łukasz Czubak - Copywriter Przemysław Grygiel - Project Manager