Branding workshops

Interactive sessions designed to delve deep into the essence of your brand, guiding you through the process of developing a strong and cohesive brand strategy.

Led by experienced facilitators like myself, these workshops provide a collaborative environment where participants can explore, brainstorm, and define key elements of their brand identity, positioning, and messaging.

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The image featured in the middle of the about us page
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Why you need a branding workshops?

Branding workshops offer a structured approach to aligning your brand with your business goals, values, and target audience. By engaging in these workshops, you gain valuable insights, perspectives, and strategies to differentiate your brand, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities in the market.

How does branding workshops positively impact your financial results?

Investing in branding workshops is an investment in your brand's long-term success and financial performance. By refining your brand identity, messaging, and positioning, you can increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and market share. A strong brand builds trust, credibility, and preference among consumers, driving increased sales, profitability, and sustainable growth for your business.

What are the stages of branding workshops?

I. Discover

1.1. Agenda / 1.2. Workshop goals / 1.3. Workshop tools /2.1. Participants and their roles / 2.2. Three facts about me / 2.3. Rotten fish / 3.1. Knowledge transfer

II. Define

4.1. Stakeholder map / 4.2. Personas / 4.3. Associations / 4.4. Comparison / Metaphors / 4.5. 5 x Why / 4.6. The skeleton of Pixar's tales / 4.7. Follow-up questions

III. Develop

5.1. Overview of the current visual identification / 5.2. Client's benchmarks / 5.3. Our benchmarks / 5.4. Analysis of the image of the competition / 5.5. Brand touchpoint / 5.6. Design studio / 5.7. Follow-up questions

IV. Deliver

6.1. Choosing the final brand symbols / 6.2. Success indicators / 6.3. Next steps / 7.1. Three words of reflection

How long does the branding workshops last?

On average branding workshops last 2 days.

Are you interested?

Make an appointment for discovery meeting in order to discuss the service of organizing a branding workshops.